The Entity Framework Core Fluent API OnDelete method is used to specify the action which should take place on a dependent entity in a relationship when the principal is deleted"/>
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By default, when deleting parent, if the foreign key on the relationship is nullable EF will delete the parent and set the foreign key to null. Foreign key with Cascade DELETE In Entity Framework Core, by default the foreign keys in AspNetUserRoles table have Cascade DELETE behaviour. Igazából nem szeretnék hosszú SQL-eket írni, a LINQ-s közelítés jobban tetszik. تخمین مدت زمان مطالعه‌ی مطلب: ده دقیقه. NET Core. Entity framework will recognize the primary key and the one-to-many relation. Entity Framework Core Cascade Delete is one of the Referential actions. 公式サイトに Entity Framework Core のリレーションシップについての記述がありますが、私のような初心者にはなかなか難しいので、和訳を兼ねて自分なりにまとめ.

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To add EF Core to an application, install the NuGet package for the database provider you want to use. . We can configure these actions in the database and in the EF core (Client). The delete behavior configured in the EF Core model is only applied when the principal entity is deleted using EF Core and the dependent entities are loaded in memory (that is, for tracked dependents). carplay hacks 2022.

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